Hello world!


My name is Corrie Lamoreaux. Well, at least for school. I got married just over a year ago so my name is Corrie Stapleton, but to change it for school seems a little complicated; so I’m enjoying the last year of having Lamoreaux as my last name. 

To start off, I’ve created this blog as a requirement for a Transcultural Nursing class that I’m currently taking at Utah Valley University. This class helps to understand many different cultures in order to be able to provide better care in the nursing field. To be honest, I don’t know a ton about different cultures, as I have lived in Utah my whole life – with the exception of a year and a half service mission for the LDS church to Spain two years ago.

As mentioned above, I am in the nursing program and will be graduating with my ASN in the spring of next year. After that, I have goals to get my BSN online, maybe go to Samoa as part of a study-abroad type thing for nursing, and potentially further my studies to become a nurse practitioner. I come from a very medical family – my dad is an OB/GYN, my mom and sister were nurses, my brother is an OT, and my sister is a phlebotomist. I thought it only natural to head in that direction. In high school, I worked as a CNA for 2 1/2 years and in college I continued working as a CNA, but in home health, as well as a medical assistant in my dad’s office. 

Some interesting things about me are that I LOVE to travel. A big part of me wants to work for an airline company just to reap the benefits of free flying and work the buddy pass system. I wish I could go live in Spain for a month out of every year to keep up with my Spanish and to keep friendships from my mission alive and well nourished. I love the outdoors – hiking, biking, running, swimming, water sports, snowboarding, you name it. I met my husband on my mission in Spain and we came home good friends, started dating, and got married all within 7 months. We got married August 5th [of last year] – the same day that I left on my mission, and my older sister’s 10th anniversary. Its a good day.  I love school and can’t wait to become a nurse and apply everything I’ve been learning over the last year in nursing school.