Culture week 2

This week was focused on cultural diversity as a whole. We had some discussions as a class about what cultural diversity is and what can be some of the benefits of having a more diverse and different group when it comes to working together. I read an article that described the results of some studies done with culturally similar and diverse groups. When working together in projects with the same purpose, the groups that had little diversity got things done quickly – due to their similar understandings and backgrounds. It didn’t take much time for them to come up with solutions to problems, as they all had the majority of their lives in common. While they excelled, the more culturally diverse group showed much higher outcomes. While it took a bit longer to come to a consensus about different topics and understand the different perspectives of each culture, their outcomes were much more creative, superior, and well rounded than those of the other groups. Cultural diversity can be an adjustment, but in the end it can yield much better results.

Another thing that we did this week was watch the movie The Good Lie. Its true story of Sudan refugees that walked hundreds of miles across african deserts to find safety. Seeing the things that they had to go through – death, dehydration, starvation, attacks, disease, heat, etc. – shed light on the horrifying experiences that come with the culture. While they have many wonderful things in their culture, it was so humbling to see the trials that they go through. About half way through the movie, these “brothers” arrive in America and adjust to the “land of opportunity.” Their awe at the selfishness and independence of the American culture was amazing. The movie was definitely humbling to watch and inspiring as I was able to learn about the Sudan and African culture. There were so many things that they didn’t understand – even the basics of america. This will help me in my future nursing career to understand that there are even some layman terms that will need to be explained, and to not judge a lack of understanding. 

All in all, this week was great. I loved to see the movie and learn of the African culture. I love that feeling when you realize you have more than you need and are overwhelmed with gratitude for the things that you have. I have always wanted to travel to Africa and interact with their cultures to learn more about them, and this week helped me to do so. 

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