Studies of the LDS culture

This week in my Transcultural class at UVU, we focused on the LDS culture. From a series of topics I chose to research the LDS guidelines of health and exercise. Being LDS myself, it was easy for me to understand the guidelines, so I chose something that was more of an experience article. I read an article about a woman named Jenny who was serving an LDS mission to an island off the coast of Madagascar. Since about the age of 12, Jenny was a little overweight and could not seem to slim to a healthy weight. Three weeks in the LDS Missionary Training Center, where there is food galore and not much physical activity, Jenny put on a few more pounds. Throughout her mission, she continued to gain weight and was slightly frustrated, but did not put too much thought into it. One day however, she was teaching a man about the “Word of Wisdom” with her companion. She taught things like, food intake should be in moderation, no excessive amounts of breads, grains, meet and an increase in fruits and vegetables. She also explained that the Word of Wisdom includes exercise to take care of our precious bodies. It wasn’t until she was explaining this that it hit her. She was not living what she was teaching. Right then and there she decided to live the Word of Wisdom to a T. She exercised faithfully every morning and lived the dietary guidelines that LDS church provides. Over the next few months, she lost over 40 pounds. She explained that not everyone who does this will lose weight, but there are multiple promises from the LDS church that say that taking are of our bodies helps us to live healthier lifestyles and feel better all the time.

The article was very interesting and insightful. Other discussions this week focused on the family according to the LDS perspective. Families are one of the basic building blocks in life and should be highly cherished. Marriage is defined as legal matrimony of a man and a woman. The LDS church says that God created men and women to bear and raise up children, and that is a sacred calling. Other discussions focused on the LDS church beliefs regarding the afterlife. It has been said that it depends on our works here on earth, but that we can all become like Gods and live happily with our families. That is why matrimony is such a big deal – it is not “until death do us part,” rather an eternal life with the ones we love.

All in all, the discussions and research about the LDS church have helped to further open my eyes to their beliefs and consider the benefits that come from living their “good” standards. I liked what I learned and it will be helpful to apply it to my nursing career – to understand why LDS church members live the way that they do and why they promote their way of living to those around them. 

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